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Client Profile
‘as a Service’ industry expert within a ‘Global Asset Finance & Asset Management’ company


Q. What is the biggest challenge you see today inhibiting more ‘as a Service’ (Subscription) business?

A. From a business ‘need’ perspective, I see a common problem with service providers and channel partners, big and small, is their ability to automate processes effectively. We still see many very good organisations run on excel, or multiple platforms that are not connected making the formation and interpretation of data onerous (I think we’ve all been there!). I see that this would be a powerful tool which could make a material difference.

Q. Have you seen any similar propositions to BzzBees within the industry?

A. I haven’t really seen anything like this yet, not delivered in this way. From a financing perspective, this really is a game changer. Again, I see one of the main benefits (for a bank), is the ability to automate process that have been traditionally dominated by manual processes. Ultimately this will open greater opportunities for financial services organisations to look at different markets, creating greater choice. As they will have less operational restrictions. I really like the possibilities that this functionality will bring. Providing banks / vendor finance companies the option to offer several products, giving the partner a wider choice of financing solutions to meet their and / or their customers objectives is very powerful. The centralisation of data makes the whole process so much more efficient. Banks are always looking at cost income ratios so I am sure this will gain traction!

Q. Do you have any comments from the sneak peek we gave you of our future roadmap?

A. this is truly impressive, I got the same feeling when I purchased my ZX81 in the early 1980’s! Really transformational and a significant step change to how we will do business is future. Even your ‘base level’ automated KYC system has the capability to drive massive cost saving whilst applying greater control (and accuracy) in this area. You just ask anyone who works within financial services about KYC, and they will roll their eyes, this will take away a lot of this perceived pain, I am sure.

Q. So you’ve seen our pricing strategy, what are your immediate thoughts?

A. With regards to pricing, we’re talking the price of a mouse, really strong pricing proposal, the additional cost is not material, versus the benefit, it really is insignificant.

Q. What are your thoughts on the overall proposition?

A. I think your proposition will be transformational in terms of setting new standards, improving efficiency, the end customer experience whilst providing wider access to capital.