Frequently Asked Questions

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What is BzzBees?

BzzBees is a B2B SaaS Platform enabling the IT Channel (made up of Distributors, Resellers & System Houses) to seamlessly connect to their B2B Customers & End-Users to deliver a scalable subscription service without limits

How does BzzBees work?

BzzBees is an integrated suite of portals and toolkits that provide the B2B IT Channel with an E2E zero-barrier-to-entry ecosystem consisting of:

  • Channel Partner Admin Portal
  • B2B Customer Portal (IT Manager)
  • End-User Portal / App (Employee)
What are the benefits of renting vs buying?

Renting IT equipment provides flexibility, reduced upfront costs, access to the latest technology, and includes maintenance services. It allows for easy scalability to meet changing business needs, avoids obsolescence, and eliminates the burden of long-term commitments and depreciation.

Where did the BzzBees name come from?

We are proud of our Manchester routes and the Bee is the official symbol of Manchester. In addition, some interesting facts about Bee’s that are relevant to our ambition and work ethic.

Did you know?

  • Bees can be found on every continent except Antarctica – BzzBees ambition is to be a truly global company.
  • 75% of the worlds flowering plants and 35% of the world’s food crops depend on pollinations like Bees – BzzBees will be the global leader in enabling ‘subscription-based’ innovation such as ‘as a Service’ propositions.
  • Honeybee colonies have a complex social structure, comprising of a single Queen, thousands of female worker bees and a few hundred male drones – although our workforces aren’t structured in this way. Our IT infrastructure and the flow of data certainly does take learnings from Bees.
How do you pronounce BzzBees?

Think of the noise a Bee makes. The ‘Bzz’ is the ‘Buzz’. So, the pronunciation is ‘Buzz Bees’ if it was spelt as it sounds.

Who are BzzBees customers?

BzzBees customers are the IT Channel made up of Distributors, Resellers & System Houses.

Can BzzBees be used with our existing IT products?

Yes, all legacy IT assets can be included within the BzzBees platform.