BzzBees Launches Phase ONE of Groundbreaking SaaS Platform

The leadership team at BzzBees are proud to announce the completion of Phase ONE delivering an innovative SaaS platform designed to simplify the switch to subscription services for the £138 billion B2B tech channel (made up of Distributors, Resellers & System Houses).

Phase ONE boasts three portals to comprehensively manage the end-to-end subscription proposition and transform how businesses handle subscription services:

  • The Channel Partner Portal
  • The White-Labelled B2B Customer Portal:
  • White-Labelled End-User Portal

Key Features

The ⁠Channel Partner Portal:

Automated KYC / AML / PePs and Sanctions Checks: Ensure compliance and security with automated Know Your Customer (KYC), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), Politically Exposed Persons (PePs), and sanctions checks.

  • Asset Management: Efficiently track and manage assets.
  • Device Policy: Implement and enforce device policies.
  • Bundle Configurator: Create and manage bundled product & service offerings.
  • Service Partner Network Management: Connect to, oversee and coordinate service partners.
  • Contract Management: Simplify contract creation, negotiation, execution and management.
  • Service Performance Management and Reporting: Monitor and report on service performance metrics.

⁠White-Labelled B2B Customer Portal

Designed for IT managers, this portal enables the management of subscriptions, products, services, and end-users. Includes full end-to-end reporting to provide insights into usage and performance. ⁠

White-Labelled End-User Portal

Facilitates effortless onboarding of end-users. Allows end-users to choose products and services in line with company device policies. Empowers users to raise and manage their own service requests, enhancing their ability to perform at their best.

The Phase ONE launch marks a significant milestone for BzzBees delivering a robust set of tools to solve the B2B IT Channels problems in transitioning to subscriptions, defending them from disruptors and opening up a world of customer retention, recurring revenues and in-life service.

The launch of our Phase ONE platform is a testament to our commitment to revolutionising the B2B tech channel and the transition to subscription-based propositions. By providing a comprehensive suite of tools that streamline subscription management without the need for the B2B Tech Channel to develop their own infrastructure, we are enabling businesses to operate more efficiently and effectively. We are excited to see the positive impact our platform will have on our clients and their end-users.

Phase ONE is just the beginning. We have an incredibly innovative and aggressive roadmap to support our ambitious growth plan. Watch this space!

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